Minor 7th

November 1, 2011

"In the Beginning," 2009 I want to be straight to the point: this disc is absolutely thrilling from beginning to end! I can't remember the last time a recording took me so squarely from my seat and thrust me into its musical world. In Adam Levin's playing, there is an overriding sense of complete self-assuredness and technical control. Levin leaves no doubt to his prowess on the guitar, opting for daring tempos and bombarding the listener with sudden dynamic changes and accents. Even the liner notes, written by Levin himself, convey their message with an unabashed self-confidence, bordering on pure arrogance. And it is this arrogance that I so often seek out in a guitarist; one who will dazzle and entertain at every possible opportunity. If you're on the market for some exciting classical guitar, this is it! © Timothy Smith