Minor 7th: Adam Levin Plays Morales-Caso

November 21, 2011

2011: "Adam Levin "Plays Morales-Caso," 2011 Adam Levin’s most recent recording, "Fuego De La Luna," showcases the extraordinary compositions of Spanish composer Eduardo Morales-Caso. Levin is a consummate classical performer, educator, and musical emissary. He earned a Masters in Music from the New England Conservatory, as well as a Fulbright Scholarship and an Albert Schweitzer fellowship. Levin’s innovative playing is the perfect vehicle for documenting Morales-Caso’s adventurous music. The compositions are imaginative, passionate, and expansive. The album begins with the mesmerizing "Diabolical Rumours," which sets the stage for the recording. The piece is dramatic, vivacious, and sonorous, exploring the limitless harmonic intricacies of the instrument. The reflective "Samskara" features intimate embellishments followed by powerful symphonic overtures. The album concludes with the defiant "El Jinete Azul" finding the guitarist flanked by a very talented string quartet. "Fuego De La Luna" is an ambitious recording with bold, audacious compositions enthusiastically performed by Levin. Although at times challenging, the music herein is full of sonic rewards for adventurous listeners". 

James Scott [Mínor 7th, November 2011]