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November 1, 2011

BRONTONS: Tre Divertimenti op68. EDUARDO
MORALES-CASO: Volaverunt: Homenaje a Francisco
MANUEL DE FALlA Siete CanciDnes Populares

Duo Sonidos

Duo Sonidos is William Knuth on violin and Adam Levin on guitar. 'Sonidos' is the Spanish word for 'sound' and when split into Son Dos means something along the lines of 'they are two' ... rather clever that.

Although this disc does begin with a rather splendid interpretation of one of Piazzolla's most famous pieces, for me it is the rest of the programme, which holds the most interest due to the unfamiliar nature of the music. It would be a tough decision to settle on a highpoint in this programme as everything is of superb quality but if pushed I would go for the contemporary Catalan composer Salvador Broton's Tre Divertimenti, an impressionistic threesome mixing high drama, intensity and sombre and brooding moodiness.

Apparently Broton has written a guitar concerto and on the evidence of these three pieces the concerto would be well worth seeking out.

The balance between the two instruments is spot on and both musicians are high class in every respect with Knuth producing a tone quality on the violin to die for.

Highly recommended.

Steve Marsh