Classical Guitar Magazine

September 1, 2011

Throughout this disc, Adam Levin shows himself to be a thoroughly mature player; he has a complete technical mastery of the guitar at his fingertips and uses this to excellent advantage in this programme of very difficult music. It is not just this technique, which is enviable here but more that that it is his high musicianship which shines like a beacon through his performances. There are inferences here and there to the stylized interpretations of the great Segovia, but without too much over-sentimentality and for the most part the music is allowed to speak for itself. 

Of particular interest is the opening track, Adam Levin’s transcription for the solo guitar of the almost madcap Prelude from Eugene Say’s Sonata No. 2 for solo violin where Ysaÿe’s obsession with the music of J.S Bach is transparently obvious and as if for comparison, Levin follows this immediately with a splendid rendition of the ‘obsession’, the Prelude in E Major.

A further highlight in the programme is the world premiere recording of Jan Freidlin’s Kafka Sonata in which Levin is joined by the excellent violinist, William Knuth.

The recording quality is of high standard and the overall presentation is also of good quality.

-Steve Marsh
September 2011
Classical Guitar Magazine