American Record Guide

May 1, 2012

Do we really need yet another Histoire du Tango? Well. yes, when it's played this well. Indeed, all these performances are outstanding. Knuth plays violin with perfect intonation, a wide range of timbre, sprightly rhythm, expressive phrasing. and great sensitivity. He never overwhelms his partner (always a consideration when violin and guitar pair), and his affinity for this music is ideal. Levin is every bit as fine. This is exquisite music-making. and I look forward to hearing more from them.

Brotons's Tre Divertimenti has the clarity of neo-classicism and a fair amount of Stravinsky. like dissonance. Morales Caso's Volverunt is an homage to Francesco Goya. a deeply expressive work given Its world premiere on this recording.

Falla's Sieste Canciones is usually performed in Emilio Pujol's transcription for guitar and voice (or any melody instrument). This is a different arrangement, which I presume was American Record Guide done by the performers. (I could find no reference in the notes, but those notes do get this issue’s "Death to the Elderly" award for ultra-tiny type on a dark picture background.) I prefer the Pujol-there are several changes of harmony and texture that are not improvements- and not closer to the piano original but I'd rather have this excellent performance than a less involved performance of the Pujol.

This is an exciting discovery. recommended to all lovers of great chamber music playing.